About Us

Captain David Beatty AIExpE founded Divemex Ltd in 1980. The company are specialists in fire underwater engineering.

Prior to establishing Divemex Captain Beatty had worked in the North Sea and had been trained in underwater welding, cutting  and also the use of explosives. He has also contributed as a technical advisor to the world renowned and critically acclaimed “Professional Divers Handbook” (now in its 3rd edition) and provided specialist lifting and salvage advice to the team engaged in raising the HMS Mary Rose (raised in 1982). 

Under Captain Beatty’s direction Divemex successfully carried out a variety of contracts globally. It was while working on a number of these contracts he came up with the design for the Divemex Claw Anchor. This radical anchor will reduce time and costs incurred when the accurate setting and recovering of anchors is paramount.


  • Leisure vessels - Small to medium sized vessels (up to circa 100’)
  • Emergency anchors -  Designed for ocean going vessels
  • Navigation Buoys and Floating Structures – To include offshore energy structures
  • Large scale energy applications – Embedment anchors to replace piggy back anchors up to 70 tons in weight.


  • Anchors for Semi-Submersibles
  • Single Point Moorings
  • ELSBM Single Buoy Exposed Moorings / Navigation Buoyage Systems
  • Dredging / Pipe Laying Barges / Cable Laying Barges
  • Shallow Air Diving and Deep Water Diving Tasks
  • Boat Moorings
  • Tugs / Dive Support Vessels
  • Pilot Boats
  • Barges

For use in all tidal areas - These include

  • Estuaries
  • Rivers
  • Inshore Waters and Open Waters

Divemex have designs available to suit all of these market sectors.