Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water?........

24 Sep 2015

The Summer may well be over and as we enter the Autumn here in Wales testing on the Divemex Claw Anchor continues in earnest. Early indications are that it will deliver everything we expect and more.........Sea Trials will commence over the coming months and as we work closely with ASTUTE and Lloyds Register to achieve type classification we are confident that anchors will be available in 2016. We believe that time setting and laying anchors for the critical positioning of buoys and structures will be significantly reduced, so cutting service and operating costs of the user!

Claw Anchor - Radical design reduces time and costs!

26 Aug 2015

We've been working hard both behind the scenes and front of stage regarding the development of the Divemex Claw Anchor.

Press Release - The DIVEMEX Claw Anchor

17 Jul 2015

DIVEMEX are a well established South Wales based diving, underwater welding, cable laying, mine clearance and marine recovery company. Founded in 1980 by Captain David Beatty AIExpE. Captain Beatty has worked internationally on many large scale civil marine construction projects and it was during this time he developed the idea of the new and radical Claw Anchor.