Press Release - The DIVEMEX Claw Anchor

DIVEMEX are a well established South Wales based diving, underwater welding, cable laying, mine clearance and marine recovery company. Founded in 1980 by Captain David Beatty AIExpE. Captain Beatty has worked internationally on many large scale civil marine construction projects and it was during this time he developed the idea of the new and radical Claw Anchor.

The setting and laying of standard anchors is time consuming, especially if positioning is critical. All anchors have to be set against tide and varying sea-bed conditions. Captain Beatty often found it could take significantly more time than planned when setting anchors for critical installations (bridge construction, oil-rig flare stack setting and navigation buoy setting to name a few). Overrunning of this laying and setting of anchors often incurred additional project costs to the client and also added to project delays. There was obviously a need for an anchor that could address these issues and concerns.

Captain Beatty worked on a number of anchor designs that he thought could be set quickly and accurately. Having produced many initial concept designs and working models he eventually honed his anchor to the latest design and the patent for it was passed in June 2015. The anchor is 100% a Welsh innovation and Captain Beatty has now assembled a highly experienced business team to take the concept and design to the next stage. 

Cardiff & Swansea University (ASTUTE), are working directly with DIVEMEX on this exciting radical anchor and initial results indicate that the Claw Anchor will significantly change the process of setting and laying anchors for structures, vessels and navigational buoys where positioning is critical. The Claw Anchor sets within it’s own length and buries itself deeply into the sea-bed. It’s Omni-directional and this unique feature sets it out from any of the designs currently available within the market.

So what’s next?................DIVEMEX are working relentlessly on the final evaluation and proving of the anchor and premises in Wales are currently being reviewed for suitability to build this radical world class product. Captain Beatty and his team are committed to taking this radical design through to production and this will result in jobs and growth within the Welsh engineering market sector.


For more information contact:

Martin I. Slade
Managing Director – DIVEMEX
Tel: +44 (0)755 2524800