Unlike most conventional anchors the Divemex Claw Anchor is a fabricated design that can be manufactured from ferrous and non-ferrous materials.  The anchor is to be manufactured from plate steel, stainless steel and aluminium.  It can be galvanised and tip hardened for additional strength.  It is to be welded and can be constructed at site for larger designs / off shore energy applications.

The design features fixed claws and articulating claws, which deliver stability and assist in the setting of the anchor.  The anchor has a dual rail shank with a sliding shackle and chain arrangement that allows for the omni-directional setting of the anchor (see images below).  The anchor is self burial and has no profile and poses no obstruction on the sea-bed when positioned.

The key benefits to the users and specifiers of the anchor design will be the time and costs saved when accuracy and time to complete a project is critical.

The UK Patent (GB 2512898 B), was granted on 10th June 2015.  Since this date, patent applications have been applied for in a number of key global territories.


The Divemex Claw Anchor

The prototype shown here clearly demonstrates both the anchors claw feature and twin rail shank design.  This is the design featured in the divemex claw anchor animation.